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Founded in 2009 by Akavci Erdogan, who was born in Gulsehir Ovaoren, Pozitif Wool is a Turkish company operating two scouring lines, one for finer wool (22 – 30 micron) and one for coarser wool (30 – 40 micron). The company supplies Turkish & Romanian wool in greasy and scoured form.

The company has a scouring capacity of 50 metric tons per day and exports to many markets in Easter and Western Europa as well as to Central Asia.

Pozitif Wool sources its wool from within Turkey as well as being supplied by SC Tolga srl in Romania with greasy wool. It employs a team of 60 experienced workers in its 40,000 sq m facility in Uşak. Uşak Province is in the interior part of the Aegean Region of Turkey.

Pozitif Wool has continues to expand its product range and values product quality and customer service. It is environmentally conscious and endeavours to employ good business practice in all areas of its operation.

Fields of Activity
Our firm has received wool inside and outside the country, according to an expert team with the quality and levels of microns to separate. Reserves, this product is made for use with hot water wash. Ready-prepared products sold for use in the textile industry is made. Our company is next to it both inside and outside the country by buying or selling rawhide leather industry serves.
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